Tylene Buck vs. Serene Siren

Nude Match

19 Min – 475 MB – Standard Download


Tylene Buck and Serene Siren are two of the hottest blondes in Hollywood and today they are auditioning for the starring role in a major motion picture. The audition starts professional enough, but that doesn’t last for long as both women understand that this is really a competition. They are holding riding crop whips, which are props for the movie, the director thinks it will be a good idea to see how good each girl really is with the whip so he says that whichever girl can beat the other girl better with the whip will get the leading role. Serene’s eyes get big and she slaps Tylene hard across the face. Tylene grabs her face and yells, “he said use the whips!” Tylene winds up and slams the riding crop into Serene’s side. Serene buckles over and Tylene uses this chance to start pulling her clothes off. Serene struggle, but is quickly stripped completely nude. Serene grabs her whip and spins as she nails Tylene across the ass. Serene rains down a barrage of stinging whip blows that leaves Tylene in a fetal position. Serene stands over her and then removes all of Tylene’s clothing. The rest of the video consists of these two beautiful and fully nude blondes whipping each other and yelling insults. Who cares who wins, it’s all about the process!


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