Alexis vs. Nicole

Nude Ring Sexy Wrestling Match

21 Minutes – Standard Download

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Alexis Malone and Nicole Aria – gentlemen these girls are sooo hot, we strive to find the best new talent so add the great Laura Cross who is in the other video offering this week and the sexy Alex Coal and Celeste back in the line up and well – we are off and running with spectacular talent that will keep DT at the top of the heap when it comes to female action videos. Now back to todays offering, Alexis Malone is one sexy blonde with a killer body and so physical but Nicole Aria is her match as she has already had a few matches and gets the jump on Alexis putting the blonde’s arm behind her back and going after her sweet breasts and those ridged nipples, she holds her against the ropes as she goes after her pussy, then to the floor for much more – welcome to DT. But this blonde is game and soon finds her way back in the match, now it’s her turn to attack, she lays Nicole on the canvas and attacks both breasts and pussy at the same time, the beautiful Nicole squirms and squeals in vain. Eventually they strip the bottoms off but the black nylons and heels stay on as both babes get sexier, they go for pinching the pussy lips and pinching nipples – Alexis has some amazing nipples such great targets for Nicole but Alexis can’t resist Nicole’s succulent pussy as she pinches, strokes and wedgies Nicole’s tender center – it goes on and on like this till one can take no more. This week is full of new beautiful ladies that will keep us entertained for many years to come !!!!!!


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