Celeste vs. Serene

Topless Ring Catball Match (w/ oil)

29 Minutes – Standard Download

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Celeste Star was one of DT’s top fighters about half a decade ago. Since Celeste left the sport things have changed; new champions have come and gone and some might say the sport has evolved. Serene Siren is now one of the pound for pound best fighters at DT and she has been hearing rumors that Celeste Star is looking to get back in the ring. Serene confronts Mark and demands that he set up a fight between her and Celeste. The fight is scheduled for later that day. As Serene paces the ring in anticipation of Celeste’s arrival, Celeste sneaks in the ring behind her. Celeste is topless, in yoga pants and she looks just as good as she ever did. Celeste surprises Serene and tells her that “the only real way to fight is topless.” Serene agrees and removes her top. The ladies agree to a best of three match, but before they begin they get out a big bottle of baby oil. They lube themselves up and even help each other rub the oil in with their butts and tits. The bell finally rings and a violent and slippery test of strength leads to them falling to the mat and cat balling like a couple of maniacs. If you’re in the mood for a classic catfight between two topless cuties then we have just the video for you.


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