Misty Stone vs. Serene Siren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Sex Wrestling Match

DT-1452-01  / Time: 29 Minutes / Size: 702


Serene Siren is sooo hot, she is doing a video shoot in the ring with the sexiest dancing, when she moves those hips and shakes that ass we can feel the sex exuding from every pore on her beautiful body but when Misty Stone comes in and sees this she is not happy, she even calls a friend to tell her, the audacity of this wench, I’ll have to teach her a lesson. In the ring stomps Misty but her anger doesn’t stop this hot blonde from dancing, even when Misty grabs her Serene just twerks her ass into Misty. Now Misty does enjoy that amazing body but she has to teach this wench a lesson and make her pay her dues so she puts her in an extreme full nelson, then takes her down for a surf board then a bow and arrow but when she puts on that body press and feels that great ass, well now she starts to mix sex with the wrestling. Misty mounts Serene and plays with her tits as she rubs her body, oh no she can’t help it, she just has to suck those fabulous tits and lick those pert nipples. A hot Misty gets out the oil and lathers this whole blonde body but now she is so turned on she can’t take it – so she ties her blonde sex toy to the ropes so they can rub bodies together and Misty can have her way, all the way. But soon all the way means putting Serene in the contraption that suspends her arms from the ceiling allowing Misty to again have her way with this sexy body, she oils that whole body again as Serene dances into her. Sexy, sexy wrestling — so soooo hot !!!!!!