Alex vs. Cassie

Topless Ring  Wrestling Match

20 Minutes – Standard Download

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So great to have her back, Alex Coal, so cute in her glasses and hair up – one would never guess she is a champion but the belt beside her tells how good she is. Demure and reserved she explains her career and then tells of her decision to retire, she is interrupted by the brash one – the one and only Cassie Del Isla but she wrestles as Lust and is the number one contender, Lust is in rare form as she goes hard after this champion and is soon in her face and then on her, poor Alex doesn’t know what to make of this wild women that is getting so sexy on top of her – Alex agrees to a match. Next we find them in the ring getting ready for battle, Lust in her sexy bikini and Alex is a very sexy leather bikini. Alex uses her superior skill to put Lust in the corner and pound that firm belly, then a suffocating bear hug has Lust out on the canvas – time to end this… Lust has other intentions and soon uses her sexuality to put a spell on poor Alex which allows Lust to have her way with that sexy body. Lust goes from wrestling to sensuality, from strenuous holds to stimulating caresses, from pain to orgasms. So great to have Alex Coal back and such a joy watching Lust get so sexy. Sex and wrestling by two the best – what more could one want ?!?!!!


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