Dee vs. Erika

Nude Superhero Breast Match

24 Minutes – Standard Download

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This video begins mid fight. Erika Jordan is a superhero who has stumbled into the wrong evil lair. The nefarious Dee Williams manhandles and slugs an already delirious Erika. She throws Erika down on the couch and lifts up her tiny white top. Dee marvels at how perfect Erika’s breasts are, she grabs and pinches them. Erika doesn’t have much fight left in her, she whimpers futile resistance. Dee pushes Erika into a wall, forcing all of the air out of Erika’s chest until she slowly passes out. When she wakes up she is tied to a chair, still woozy. Dee enters the room in her skin tight black leather micro dress and slinks over to Erika with hunger in her eyes. Apparently, Dee has figured out that the source of Erika’s super power is her big perfect tits. Dee pulls Erika’s breasts out and starts massaging them. Erika yells for help, but it’s useless as they are already starting to express her precious superpower possessing milk. Dee starts sucking the milk out of Erika’s perky nipples and is simultaneously draining the super powers out of Erika. Dee is drunk with power, she spends the rest of the video stripping Erika nude and alternating between having sensual grinding and kissing with Erika and teasing and torturing Erika in a number of different ways. This video has a little bit of everything: catfighting, super heroes, BDSM, etc. If you’re in for a smorgasbord of fun, this is the video for you.


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