Skylar Rene vs. Kimora Quin

Bikini Ring Dominance

22 Min – 537 MB – High Definition

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Kimora Quin is a young beautiful fighter. She is cocky and looks down her nose at every girl she fights. Today she is wearing a red bikini top, fishnet leggings and some Daisy Dukes. However, today she might be biting off more than she can chew. Skylar Rene is a DT veteran that is as powerful as she is skilled. Most of Skylar’s power comes from her thick ass and thighs and today they are on full display because all she is wearing is a pair of tiny black panties and a cheetah print bralette. Skylar scoffs at Kimora’s over confidence. The bell rings and she damn near runs at Kimora. Skylar immediately puts Kimora in an arm bar that leaves her screaming for help. Kimora barely manages to escape with her arm still intact and quickly pins Skylar with a powerful grapevine. Kimora’s long arms and legs are a powerful advantage in the grappling department. The first fall ends with Kimora standing on Skylar’s neck until she passes out. There isn’t much hope for Skylar after this dominant first submission. Kimora beats and chokes Skylar for the rest of the match. She even drags Skylar around by her long brown ponytail and forces her to lick the bottom of her shoes. These two ladies are absolute knock outs and one of them knocks out the other one over and over again for the entire video.


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