FRESH FACES – Tanya vs. Christina/Veronica vs. Akira/Misty vs. Prinzzess




Match 1TANYA TATE, that’s right the one and only sexy big blonde, wow is she hot, so who can we get to match her, none other than the statuesque, Christina Carter. Wow, two of the biggest, hottest blondes around and they are here at DT to get wild and crazy, they get so wild that all their sexy clothes come off and watching these two fabulous beauties rolling around together is something special, using their long muscular legs to wrap around their bountiful breasts and thin waists, or rubbing their busts over each other – oh yes, they get very sexy with each other as they both become too sexy to handle, turning each other on constantly as they fight, matter of fact they get so hot we are not able to show it all, and we have to thank our friends over at Xtreme Female Fighting for giving us this footage and if you want to see all of this match that is where to go, that’s the site to go to if you want to see all the matches that are able to go all the way. But trust me this one is more than hot enough as Tanya Tate is one of the hottest big blondes anywhere. She will be available for custom matches at DT but needs multiple matches to book her so it may take just a bit longer, but we will get your custom in when you want her — and oh is she worth it! And then having her teamed up with the super sexy Christina — well if you like beautiful big blondes and who doesn’t, then this is one for you!!!!!!

Match 2 -Not another cute Asian, Akira is in not mood to share Asian dominance with one more exotic beauty, but here she is challenging her to a fight, yes the beautiful Veronica has come to be the new number one Asian beauty at DT. This makes for a wild battle as the voluptuous Veronica loves to roll and Akira Lane is always up for a ring fight. Lots of great holds and once Akira rips Veronica’s top off she realizes how inviting her large supple breasts are, she mauls and squeezes them, Veronica learns fast and is soon taking her turn at destruction as she rips into the brown beauty. It didn’t take long and Veronica was dishing out the trash talking right with Akira, she’s a natural. Asian fever will have you in it’s grips as these sexy warriors get it on. Another great DT addition – yes Veronica is a true Asian delight.

Match 3MISTY STONE, remember that name because this girl is going to be one of everybody’s favorites – this is one of the hottest newbies we have ever seen. We have had so many requests for a black girl, so when some one said we should try Misty, we were open to the suggestion, we had no Idea what to expect from a lady who had never wrestled so we told Prinzzess not to be to rough on her, we didn’t want to scare her away – well we may need to worry about her scaring away our girls as she is one wild lady, we let her loose on Prinzzess who is one tough girl and oh did she put on one hell of a show. Misty is so strong she throw Prinzzess around with ease and came up with some fabulous holds of her own. The gorgeous blond had to really hustle just to keep up with this dynamo. And to top it all off Misty is gorgeous, her cute curls frame a striking face that fits atop an athletic body with muscular shapely legs accented by one hell of a magnificent booty. She is a natural and Prinzzess found out the hard way – it’s a fabulous match by a fabulous new DT lady and one we know you will come to love — so get ready because here comes the one and only: MISTY STONE !!!!!!


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