FRESH FACES – Angela vs. Frankie/Liz vs. Frankie/Tomiko vs Cali




Match 1 -YOU WANT A REALLY MERRY CHRISTMAS? Well her she is; Angela Sommers, trust me, this girl can merry up any Christmas, she is one of the hottest newbies ever and we are so happy to introduce her on this most festive day. What a way for DT to end 2013 and start 2014 with two of the hottest babes ever, last week we introduced the incredible Misty Stone, and now we bring you this outstanding blonde – next year is going to be fantastic !!! Angela is being initiated by the brunette with the most; Frankie Zappitelli, who puts her in some great holds showing off her wonderful body – as she screams in agony we are drawn to her angelic face framed by those blonde curls, oh how striking she is. Topless her pert nipples protrude in her excitement, she even put on some holds of her own as she wraps those sexy legs around Frankie. Misty and Angela, two of the hottest girls to ever set foot in a ring and both at DT to start out 2014 — MERRY CHRISTMAS and we will surely be having a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Match 2Liz Ashley, another striking blonde, how lucky can DT be – it’s raining beautiful blondes and they are all falling in the DT ring. Again to break in the newbie we have enlisted one of the toughest ladies around, Frankie Zapatelli, oh I know it’s not fair, but if this beauty can stay in the ring with Frankie then she is worthy to be in the ring with any of the girls. Right away we find that Liz is not just a pretty face, no, she is also a feisty cutie with a mouth and some toughness to back it up, we should have known that since she is a friend of Danielle Trixie’s and they both can talk some true trash. This blonde beauty not only has a striking face but one gorgeous body as soon more is revealed when Frankie rips off her top, Frankie gives us all the usual moves and holds she is know for as she goes about initiating the newbie in the ways of DT destruction but don’t count this blonde out she is more than just a pretty face – yes, Liz Ashley is another great addition to the fabulous new line up DT is offering for 2014 – another hot, hot blonde – this is going to be a great Year !!!!!!

Match 3Tomiko, she has been fighting for a long time but she is new to DT, yes this Asian cutie has done it all; super heroine, pro, cat – she is a tough beauty and we don’t know why we haven’t had her in before this but we’re glad she’s here now. Sexy Cali gets the task of welcoming the new girl and it’s a task even tough Cali finds too much to handle as this veteran can take the pain and dish it out. Tomiko knows her holds and she applies a few on the unsuspecting Cali, but one can never count out that Cali girl, she’s as tough and cute as they come which makes this one fun match – so welcome a new Asian veteran to the DT line up, this is a beauty that can do it all, so what ever you have in mind – she can do it !!!!!


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