MIXED MATCH – Leonard vs. Charlie


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Charlie Laine vs. Leonard


Time: 22 Minutes/ 479 MB

From the vault: Carlie Lane, one of your all time favorite DT sweethearts is being mauled by Leonard. We were so excited to find this packed away, a match with the fabulous Charlie that had never been seen, so we rushed it to the editors and here it is. Sweet Charlie is her sexy shinny bikini isn’t talking so much of her usual shit as she is being manhandled, wow, does Leonard give her a thrashing, he lifts her so high over his head for the pile-driver her legs almost hit the lights and her breast pop out of her top – then down she goes and this is just one of many lifts like back-breakers and body slams that all shake our little beauty to her core. And of course there is the savage corner action with slugs and forearm shivers, then all the holds aimed at destruction especially those body stretching Boston crabs. Then it’s back to more incredible lifts that turn into many ten count pins, Leonard works up one hell of a sweat throwing poor Charlie around. You will love seeing Charlie again, we do miss her !!!!!


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