Match 1 -Superheroine Wunder Womyn (Hollywood) is out to take down a Masked Mauler in the ring, and while this ring match finds the two mortal enemies pretty evenly matched. the star-spangled super babe seems to be getting the better of her bigger foe. Wunder Womyn even uses her awesome power to throw this brutish malefactor around the ring, eventually knocking him out. In her glory our sleek wondrous woman takes her bows but her glory proves brief as the Mauler rises from the dead to turn the tables on the sinewy super siren. Wunder Womyn is now super destroyed, every part of her body under attack. Her red and gold top is pulled down so her archenemy can better attack those beautiful breasts. High in the air and hard to the ground crashes the oppressed champion over and over again. Her super body can only take so much from this brutal male. Can she recover? Can she come back? Can she even survive?

Match 2 – Seven gorgeous ladies in one match, which pretty much says it all. Melissa Jacobs, Cali Logan, Alyssa Reece, Lola Lynn, Celeste Star, Charlie Laine and Miko Sinz – what a lineup of wrestling beauties all sass and confidence as they get ready to take on that misogynistic monster known as The Puma teamed here with his partner in destruction, the deadly Darrius. It’s a tag match so each lady enters the ring on her own and while they are all able to do some damage the larger males have their way with our beauties as each game gamin is taken down one by one. In desperation, the sensuous seven gang up on the men and all hell breaks out. Wild, wonderful women taking and giving a beating – what more could you want in a mixed match?

Match 3 -The ever-enticing Tylene Buck is at her best in this battle as she takes on the macho Darrius. They both are out to destroy, we are treated to one hell of a back and forth fight for the first ten minutes. When Darrius gets Tylene in one of the longest and most painful headlocks ever,Tylene’s pain is palpable. However, it turns out to be even more excruciating for her male opponent, as she attempts to escape by repeatedly hitting Darrius in the groin. The more Darrius refuses to release her, the more Tylene hits. He squeezes harder, she hits harder. All men know who is going to lose this battle, but Darrius endures a lot of painful blows before ultimately giving in. Now it’s time for Tylene to go after Darrius as she keeps the low blows coming, Darrius valiantly fights back, even ripping Tylene’s top off, but will so many blows down under render Darrius asunder?


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