Tia Kai & Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Sisterhood Of Superheroines Match

SH-0018-02  / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 596


As Dark Czar looks on in frustration from a monitor in Prof. Von Schadenfreude’s spaceship laboratory, Split (played by Tia Kai) is not doing any better against Snow Queen (Christina Carter) inside a Sisterhood Safe House than she did against the heroine’s twin sister Bonfire (also played by Christina Carter). Alternating between using her freeze powers and more physical attacks, Snow Queen totally owns Dark Czar’s alleged newest weapon. As Split finally succumbs to one last frozen assault, Bonfire joins her sister to interrogate this ineffectual adversary.
Then, Split’s true nature is revealed. As the heroines (and Dark Czar) look on, Split literally splits into two separate versions of herself, one clad in white, the other in black. The twin villains rush at the twin heroines and they all disappear in a flash of light.
When the light clears, Bonfire finds herself facing the black Split in Snow Queen’s Ice Palace, where Bonfire’s powers are now useless. Meanwhile, Snow Queen is in a similar powerless situation as she battles the white Split in Bonfire’s Fire House. To add to the heroines’ woes, each of their opponents now wield the powers of each heroine’s sister, Black Split uses Snow Queen’s ice powers against Bonfire as the white Split unleashes a Bonfire-style fiery attack on Snow Queen. The villains don’t hold back on some brutal punches, chokes and scissors as well and the heroines’ initial chuckles of cockiness are quickly replaced with wails of desperation.
Written and directed by comic book Hall of famer George Pérez!