Christina Carter, Paris Kennedy and Akira Lane,


SH-0018-01  / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 675




In the summer of 2008, while attending that year’s Fetish Con,  comic book superstar George Pérez decided to have a little fun by filming three of the fetish industry’s  top models, Christina Carter, Paris Kennedy and Akira Lane, in a private superheroine fight video in his hotel room. Originally not intended for public viewing, George only meant to use it as a means of practicing and improving his editing and special effects skills, working on it sporadically for the next three years, until he shelved it altogether in 2011 to concentrate on his comics work and newer SISTERHOOD OF SUPERHEROINES videos for DT.


When the current Covid crisis forced him to abandon plans for any new Sisterhood videos in the immediate future, George dug up the original footage and decided to complete the project and make the finished film publicly available through DT Wrestling in its SUPERHEROINE AGENDA section.


While this video is not in HD (not an option in 2008), it does feature a great amount of hard-hitting superheroine action with Christina dressed as Wonder Woman, Paris as Supergirl and Akira as the new villainess Mistress Moon (a forerunner of her Sisterhood character Moonbeam). At first the superheroines team up against the black-garbed villainess, battering Mistress Moon with punches, kicks and slaps to her belly, face and crotch. As the evildoer lies defeated and crumpled at their feet, the heroines’ bask in the glow of victory—only to have the glow snuffed out as Mistress Moon rises like the phoenix to mete out some powerful, violent payback. More face punches, kicks and belly blows are accompanied by energized mauling of the superheroines’ breasts and crotches. By the end of the battle Wonder Woman and Supergirl lie topless on the bed as Mistress Moon savors her delicious triumph.


Three classic models, two now retired, giving their all for the camera and the comic industry legend behind the lens. Now, for the first time in 12 years, you can witness the action yourself as DT Productions proudly sends you all on a marvelous, magical MOON MISSION!