Serene Siren vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Superheroine Match

SH-0021HD/ Time: 31 Minutes / 761 MB

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Blonde sexpot Serene Siren and exotic brunette Milana Ricci star in this new action-packed Superheroine Agenda video written and edited by comic book legend George Pérez!

When the fabulous heroine Superior Lass (Serene) learns that she has been accepted to the exclusive Interplanetary Alliance for the Guardianship of the Cosmos, she enthusiastically doffs her earth disguise of corporate secretary Cindy Sanders to fly out into space to meet up with the Alliance’s transport unit.

However, when Superior Lass suddenly finds herself in some sort of dark arena, she suspects that something is definitely not right. Her suspicions are confirmed when she is blasted from behind by another caped super woman who calls herself Mistress Malice (Milana). Realizing that she has been lured into a trap, Superior Lass uses her heat vision on the starry-attired Malice, but the brazen brunette merely absorbs the beams. When lobbing several energy spheres at Mistress Malice proves equally ineffective, Superior Lass decides to settle the matter with bare fists. Unfortunately, her attack is immediately thwarted and Superior Lass goes down writhing in pain as Mistress Malice uses the energy of the deadly substance Tritonite to sap Superior Lass’ powers and render her vulnerable to a series of brutal and painful attacks.

After being subjected to all manner of devastating punishment, from head punches, kicks and body blows. to having her head repeatedly slammed against the ring posts, Superior Lass is inevitably too weak to resist Mistress Malice’s conscious-sapping sleeper hold.

Yet, the torture is far from over as Superior Lass awakens to find herself suspension bound as Mistress Malice prepares to inflict even more damage, including the humiliating and painful mauling of Superior Lass’ exposed. bountiful breasts. Why is Mistress Malice doing this to a superheroine she confesses to never having met before? This question continues to haunt the blonde bombshell even as Mistress Malice continues to live up to her nefarious name.