Ember Snow, Ariel X & Erika Jordan vs. Cali Logan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Superheroine Match

SH-0022/ Time: 25 Minutes / 599 MB

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Oh Boy – this is a hot one, yes we have another of those great Bat Girl videos with Cali Logan as Bat Girl and this one is sooooo much fun.  Harley Quinn is played by Ember Snow and she is absolutely fabulous, her delicious energy is enchanting, the best Harley has ever been.  The fighting fem-bots are Ariel X and Erika Jordan, so we know we will get some great holds of destruction and it all winds around an incredible story that has sizzling effects like the smoke balls that shrink the memory of poor Bat babe — oh and that’s just the beginning of her demise… so many hard gut slugs, then clubs to the gut and a cinder block over the head.  But it’s the great story that just keeps you glued to the screen as Bat Girl slinks around in her sexy skin tight purple suit, and equally sexy are those fem-bots in their skin tight black suits showing off their great figures.  If you like super heroine movies you will love this one and even if you have never liked them before, this is the one to begin with because it is so damn much fun.  This twenty five minutes will fly by, I guarantee the fastest half hour you have had in a long time.  You wanted it — you got it and you will love it !!!!!!