Fringe (Serene Siren) vs Madam Hex (Angela Sommers)
Sisterhood Of Superheroines Adventure
21 Minutes – 503 MB – High Definition


This could be George Perez at his very best – yes, this one is stunning, the visual effects bring out the incredible beauty of Angela Sommers and Serene Siren.  Madam Hex (Angela) is bringing Fringe (Serene) to her lair but not before we get a glimpse of all the other supers in all their sexy costumes.  Then Hex brings Fringe to her black hole where she proceeds to destroy her in every way even taking her top down so she can have her way with those luscious breasts – both beauties stand out in the red fog of this black hole.  Finally the higher powers work their will and through a wild space hole we end up at the ring where Serene awaits.  Hex throws all her incredible powers at the blonde but they bounce off as one of the super powers makes an appearance explaining his decision.  Time for Fringe to take over and to our delight she returns the breast destruction – she puts hex in the corner on the middle rope with her hands behind her back, Hex’s breasts are exposed and destroyed as well as her whole body.  Both of these supers are destroyed and come back.  Special effects are amazing, they accentuate the beauty of these super babes — so if you are looking to be super stunned, then this is the one… HEX MARKS THE SPOT !!!!!!


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