Christine vs. Serene

Topless Apartment Match

27 Min –  Standard Download


Serene Siren and Christine Dupree are the two best make up artists in the business. They have become world renowned for their ability. As their fame has increased, so has their feud. The women are both working on a shoot today and as they stand next to each other getting ready for the day, they start to insult each other. Serene can’t believe that Christine would talk to her like that so she takes her red lipstick and draws a line across Christine’s face. Christine’s jaw drops to the floor. She takes her mascara and rubs the black makeup down Serene’s cheek. With the makeup that took them hours to apply now ruined, both ladies are incensed and violence is the only possible next step. Christine uses a wooden brush to spank and maul Serene’s crotch and ass. Serene grabs the brush with one hand and rips open Christine’s robe with the other hand. Christine’s black robe opens up and reveals her large breasts. Serene is already wearing a sheer robe that shows nearly everything, her perky tits and tiny g-string. The women lose the robes and the fight really begins. They wrestle in almost every room of the house and leave each other looking like rag dolls. This is only the first half of the fight so buckle up and look for the next video to see how this fight ends.


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