Jaclyn vs Makayla


Time/Size: 20 min / 482 MB

Makayla Cox and Jaclyn Taylor have perfect bodies. They have big perky tits, tight asses, flat tummies, and long legs. Jaclyn is a red head with creamy white skin. Makayla is a brunette with a sweet caramel complexion. In this video they do everything they can to show off their flawless assets. They begin the match wearing thigh high stockings, high heels, and thong underwear that come all the way up over their shoulders. The ladies begin fighting and are quick to remove what little clothing they have. Wearing nothing but thigh high stockings, Makayla is easily knocked down to her hands and knees. We get a perfect view of her round ass. After being spanked and pinched, Makayla is fed up and turns the tables. She uses Jaclyn’s tiny thong to apply frontal wedgies and Indian burns to Jaclyn’s large breasts. The winner of this fight has a fun time with the spoils of battle. She ties up her vanquished foe using her own thong as rope. Then she molests and prods her wiggling and moaning victim. These are two beauties that are sure to please any Double Trouble fan.

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