Vivian Fox vs. Nicole Aria

Topless Ring Wrestling

21 Min – 543 MB – High Definition

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In today’s three round submission match we have Vivian Fox and Nicole Aria. Both of these women are relatively new to female wrestling, but are making a huge splash in the scene. They are long haired brunettes with amazing bodies. When the bell rings these eager beavers rush to the center of the ring to fight. They have have that new girl moan that is a sure sign of an inexperienced wrestler. Vivian gets a hold of Nicole’s panties and starts yanking aggressively. Vivian can’t take the ripping pain at her crotch and submits, but when the bell rings for the next round to start, Vivian goes right for Nicole’s top and does us the favor of freeing those cute little natural tits. These new girls have some of the best natural bodies you are going to find in any wrestling ring in America. Watching them sit on each others faces and tugging on one another’s tiny thongs is guaranteed to turn anyone into a wrestling fan. So sit back and enjoy as two of the hottest new girl’s on the DT roster rip each other apart.


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