Brandy vs Anina


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Yes we love our Euro babes, they are all natural – the sweet bodies on these young babes are beautiful, untouched by doctors. Today we have Brandy vs Anina, Brandy has been seen before and is well liked for good reason, she is so beautiful and very athletic – today she takes on Anina, a very petite beauty who is nervous about fighting the larger and more experienced Brandy, poor Anina, she is barely as tall as the ring ropes but when the bell rings she is very willing. Soon both ladies have stripped the bikinis off each other – of course, because Euro babes prefer wresting naked and when you see these two natural beauties you will prefer it also. Brandy seems to be in control as expected but with a surprise move Anina applies a body scissors, a surprised Brandy can do nothing but squirm and let me tell you watching this naked beauty move her body trying to control the pain and escape is something beautiful, her youthful muscles strain as she gyrates. The next round finds an angry Brandy ready to prove her superiority, which she does with a body contorting ab stretch — beautiful little Anina has that amazing mini body stretched as she moans in pain – with each jerk all four of their natural breasts shake. Later they hit the mat as their bodies intertwine and roll, Anina has been holding out, she applies an amazing arm bar and again we are privileged to watch Brandy squirm, such beauty. It’s back and fourth with long held holds like: Camel clutch, bow and arrow, grapevine, body scissors, figure four leg lock, bear hug — all of these are long with withering pain as each babe is forced to submit but not until their amazing figures are twisted and turned in every sensual way. You will love our Euro girls — it’s a joy you have to see — hell, we even reduced the price so you really can’t resist !!!!!!