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Time: 20 min

Another of your all time favorites that you haven’t seen for awhile, Danielle Trixie, was found in the vault and anxious to show off her stuff – all her stuff does get shown but not always in the way she wanted. Melissa Jacobs is the culprit that helps show off Danielle’s stuff as they both meet in the ring clad only in some sexy nylons. The fight is on and the blonde strikes first as she gets the red head in the corner and digs her nails into that inviting butt, then soon has her on the canvas in a gut wrenching scissors, then on to her back where she again goes after her inviting ass but now she goes crazy on it as she rips the nylons so she can get to the skin and Mel’s beautiful butt bulges out from the nylons. But Melissa cannot be so easily subdued and when it’s her turn she attacks with vengeance ripping into the blondes nylons and really going after her butt, she bites it and rips the nylons off that ass, throws her in the corner and digs her nails deep into butt flesh. My favorite is when she does a reverse bear hug and Danielle’s breasts fall helpless over her arms, or when she sits on her butt and they are butt to butt. Add in many great chokes, one even with the foot as her head is in the ropes, plus so many other inventive holds and we have one super match. It is so good to see Danielle Trixie back in the ring again for one hell of a fun match!!!


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