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Cute catfighter Charlie Laine makes her DT debut against the fierce and fiery Francesca Lé. Francesca wastes no time as she catches Charlie by the neck and forces her down on her back. Charlie’s legs flail as her Latin foe straddles the newcomer with force and gusto. Charlie’s reversal of the pin is only briefly successful as Francesca works her legs around her light-skinned opponent’s waist.. Wrapping one arm around Charlie’s neck, Francesca uses her other hand to claw Charlie’s pert breasts. A few blows to Charlie’s stomach soften the ash-blonde for a tight neck scissors as Francesca’s muscular thighs pour on the pressure. When Charlie gets Francesca in a waist scissors of her own, she exacts some revenge by pulling at the brunette’s hair and lobbing some blows to Francesca’s belly. Francesca pulls Charlie’s legs as she digs her foot into the new girl’s crotch, but Charlie manages to escape with some more belly punches and tosses the Latin fireball into a corner. A few knees to Francesca’s stomach softens Charlie’s opponent for a hard flip to the canvas. The bikini tops are torn away as Francesca is determined not be made a fool of by this ambitious interloper. Heads are smashed against the mat, bodies are battered, squeezed and tossed. Francesca realizes that she may have made a mistake crossing her freshly minted adversary. The tables turn repeatedly until a final sleeper ends this match for one struggling grappler.


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