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Black-haired beauty Diana Knight has heard that blonde babe Jana Cat’s been talking trash about her and challenges the golden girl to a ring match that will only be settled when one of them yells, �I quit!� Jana enters the ring in white blouse, denim skirt and heels as Diana greets her in black strapless bra, panties, hose and boots. Jana strips down to only her pink thong and makes just the type of tantalizing target that Diana can’t resist using as a punching bag. Jana is caught unprepared for Diana’s hard-knuckle assault as Diana batters away and throws the blonde down, snaring Jana in a leg scissors. Jana soon slips into unconsciousness, but Jana didn’t surrender so this fight isn’t done. The second fall finds Jana taking the offensive as she punches, knees and chokes Diana like a bat out of hell. Diana’s neck is crushed against the ropes and the leggy brunette soon succumbs to Jana’s sleeper and a count out—but still no surrender. By the time this is over one bloodied beauty will indeed surrender and, to add further to her degradation, will be forced to kiss the victor’s feet.


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