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Time/Size: 20 Minutes/373 MB

Tough pro wrestler Onyx seems pretty annoyed at being paired against busty sex bomb Tylene Buck in this best two-out-of-three contest. Quickly snaring Tylene with a headlock, Onyx flips Tylene to the mat—on her back, where she believes Tylene belongs. Tossing the babelicious blonde into the corner, Onyx follows up some belly blows with a hard toss to the mat where Tylene’s taut stomach is a perfect target for some hard elbow smashes. Tylene fights back with a few knees to Onyx’ ribs but leaves herself open for a crushing bearhug. Tylene goes down and it looks like an easy pin for Onyx, but the pro decides that Tylene needs more punishment. Using body slams, surfboards, waist scissors and Boston Crabs as part of her barrage, Onyx really puts Tylene through the wringer. But the blonde bombshell isn’t going down quietly and soon she is pouring on some serious punishment of her own and Onyx really has to work to regain the upper hand. Another Boston Crab forces Tylene to surrender and the first fall goes to Onyx. The second fall is a surprise for Onyx as Tylene really works hard to prove her worth in the squared circle. This match goes to three falls with a final sleeper determining the ultimate winner of this hell raiser.


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