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Match 1 -Keri Spectrum is visiting from the East Coast. DT flew her out because she is supposed to be the most dangerous tit fighter east of the Mississippi River. Keri says she isn’t intimidated by anyone, but when Goldie Blair walks in the room there is a distinct silence from the mouthy east coaster. Goldie’s giant tits are more than intimidating. The West Coast swagger Goldie exudes suffocates her rival and makes easy pickings of Keri. This should be the end of the video description. However, during the after fight interviews, Keri suckers punches Goldie and the fight resumes. Can our DT goddess, Goldie, defeat this cheating newbie?

Match 2 -Tara Morgan and Christie Stevens are some disgustingly dirty fighters. Yes, they are blonde and beautiful, but they are the worst kind of cheaters: biters and scratchers! Both ladies chomp and scrape each other until they are covered with blood. The tiny booty shorts and cut off tank tops that the women wear become smeared with the evidence of their foul trickery. As the red begins to stain their golden locks, the animalistic rage inside each of them comes out. They begin to crawl around on all fours, circling one another. Beastly growls and snarls undulate from their sticky, bloody bodies. If you are into blondes, boobs, and blood then this is definitely your kind of video.

Match 3 -We have all wanted to see these two together, Tylene Buck and Skylar Rene, big tough girls that love to get physical. Topless they meet to work on some holds, Tylene demonstrates her sleeper on Skylar but this is more than a demonstration, she goes all the way with it till the poor brunette falls helpless to the floor where the blonde proceeds to pound her ripped gut… she is in control now and takes full advantage of it by destroying poor Skylar with bow and arrow, camel clutch with choke, full nelson, leg spreader with crotch torture, head scissors with gut and breast destruction. Tylene so enjoys watching this muscular beauty squirm in pain but her pleasure is cut short when the fit one escapes, you think Tylene enjoyed carnage, wait till you see the sensational Skylar in action, her extermination of Tylene is fabulous; she crushes the groaning blonde with her large muscular thighs in so many positions. She sits her perfect ass on Tylene’s beautiful breasts and squishes them so she can pound that gut, then a waist scissors so she can truly ravage her breasts and smother that moaning mouth. Ruination is served, and no one dishes it out like the big muscular beauty Skylar !!!!


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