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Match 1 -Big blondes with big breasts and big ideas, that’s what we have when Tanya Tate and Tylene Buck get in the ring together. They are both in skimpy bottoms and muscle T’s cut up to the breasts so they soon expose those beautiful chests and also make for great targets as Tanya soon finds out when Tylene clamps on, digging and pulling those inviting soft mounds of flesh, then pulling that string bikini up her round butt cheeks with an ass splitting wedgie. Tanya finally gets her chance and puts on a killer leg scissors with her long strong legs, then she too goes after Tylene’s big breasts. It’s your normal great big blond match till one lady finally introduces a large gold chain and boy does this chain get around, it gets around their neck for a pony ride and dog walk, around their breasts for some tit torture, around their bountiful butts, around their bodies, up their ass crack, around their hands to punch with and eventually chains one to the corner where a luscious ass can plant on a beautiful face, then smother and choke till only one big blonde leaves this ring – big blondes, big breasts, big chain – big fun !!!!

Match 2 -Ever had a fight over the remote, of course you have, we all have – different programs, different tastes but we usually solve the dispute without getting physical, sometimes physical is the only answer, and not such a bad answer when you are two young hot babes like: Erika Jordan and Sadie Holmes. It’s the ball game or the Vampire show and only a good fight will settle it, luckily there is a mat on the living room floor as these two decide to settle the dispute with a match, and the loser has to give the winner a massage while watching her show. Wild fight ensues, and every time one girl kisses the other she has to take off an article of clothing – first kiss goes to Erika and off comes Sadie’s top, allowing Erika access to those unbelievable nipples. Lots of great close body action, scissors, bow and arrows, camel clutches and many more. Sadie bites then kisses Erika, off comes her top, then both lose their shorts till they are both in just bikini bottoms and wildly fighting. Most of you know how wonderful Erika is but if you haven’t seen Sadie then you are in for a real treat, she is not only beautiful but a wild bundle of energy. We have a winner and the loser has to strip naked and give a massage to the victor – this rub down lasts almost ten minutes, making this one long wild match !!!!

Match 3Capri, Capri, Capri – you need your Capri fix, well how about her in lingerie, heels and nylons and then we pair her with the ultimate: Tylene Buck. Sounds like a match made in heaven, even better they go after each other with savage wedgies and crotch mauling, those beautiful butt cheeks burst forth with aching pleasure. Tops also come off and the breasts are attacked. Up ride those lacy bottoms, front and back wedgies split them from feminine side to butt cheeks. Then it’s back to mauling that luscious breast flesh, hand-fulls a plenty both on the mat and in the corner. Now they go back to those tender crotches with a real vengeance, they rip of each others bottoms so they can really did their nails in those feminine divides, deeper and deeper they drill till finally one hits oil and she forces her foe to give. Breasts, crotches and wedgies, these two sexy blondes really know how to inflict the ultimate pain. Get your Capri fix with a toping of what might be DTs most popular lady, Tylene Buck – if these two don’t get you hot – nothing can !!!!!


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