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Match 1Erika Jordan and Cherie Deville are ready to rumble, getting these two fabulous bodies and just as fabulous personalities together is so so much fun. Both girls go to the same gym and Cherie wants Erika’s husband and has hired a camera crew to video her as she tells Joe why he should chose her, she sexually strips as she shows Joe what he can have, then the sensuous blonde tells him that she has invited his wife over and will beat her up. Erika comes in and finds a naked Cherie wanting to fight her but Erika will have none of it, oh no, Cherie forces her to take off her clothes. Erika pleads but Cherie goes after her with a vengeance, all the time telling Joe what a wimp his wife is and what he could have with her. Over and over she beats and humiliates a naked Erika until she forces the meek wife to fight back – how can the meek wife stand a chance agains this mean brute. Mean she may be but beautiful she also is, both of these beauties have smashing bodies, lucky Joe to have these two beauties fighting over him. This is one fun match, two diverse women going at it for their man. Gorgeous ladies putting on one hell of a fun battle !!!!!!

Match 2 -Smack those big beautiful butts, that’s exactly what a naked Odette Delacroix does with the two naked butts in front of her, Jewell Marceau and Venus Delight are tied, gaged and hanging over the ropes – the little blonde sees this as an invitation to spank those asses. Oh does she spank those asses, smacks them for a long time, redder and redder the cheeks get as they shake from each strike. Now that the mini blonde has them vanquished she pulls them off the ropes and forces them to be her sex slaves, while standing she puts one face in her ass and the other in her crotch and then forces them to pleasure her to orgasm. Then to the mat where she can play with their voluptuous bodies, then back over the ropes but this time face up so she can batter and gouge their ample breasts, the bountiful bosoms bounce with each slap and punch. Odette is just getting started with her slaves, she even makes them fight each other as she goads and prods them – everyone is naked by now and the little blonde so enjoys playing the sex role with her girls, more orgasms and much more fun is to be had when Odette has complete control of two these two very sexy curvaceous beauties !!!!!

Match 3 -Here we go again, another great tiger match and you know with these matches we are guaranteed wild action spiced with sex and always nude. Sinn Sage is getting dressed in her white tiger bikini and gloating about how she is about to rise in the ranks when Karlie Montana also in her white tiger bikini comes in and offers to help but once she has the bikini top in her hands she secures it around Sinn’s neck and we find her real intentions are to destroy Sinn so she can move up in the gang. Destroy her she does with breast and crotch destruction and some smothering face sits but never count Sinn out as finally she makes her way back – both ladies are naked and wild now as camel clutches, Boston crabs, leg scissors and face sits dominate, culminating in a long humiliating dog walk by the victor. Of course we also have some ass kissing and writing on bodies but that’s to be expected when wild naked women are determined to be number one in the gang, another great tiger match with two fabulous beauties !!!!!


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