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Time/Size: 23 min/440 MB

DT’s Queen of Heels, Sandy, is ready to devour some fresh meat as she is challenged by young Kianna, making her DT debut. Kianna has obviously had some training as she wriggles out of Sandy’s hammerlock and snares the veteran with one of her own. However, Sandy’s experience—and meanness—comes to the fore as she flips the fresh-faced blonde to the mat and stomps her viciously. In an impressive display of resiliency, Kianna knocks Sandy down with two clotheslines and tries to pull the heel’s arm out of its socket. This newcomer is a true surprise as she really gives the veteran grappler a real challenge. Despite delivering blows and throws that would cripple a lesser wrestler, Sandy is on the wrong side of a set of body slams, airplane spins and poundings. Kianna’s overconfidence proves her undoing and her attempted charge is reversed into a piledriver which totally addles the newcomer and sets her up for a sleeper hold to end the first fall. Kianna tries hard to come back in the second fall, but, once Sandy has used Kianna’s bikini top to choke some of the fight out of the young challenger, it appears the topless Kianna’s in for one painful baptism of fire.


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