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Match 1 -All falls in this match are to be won by a knockout and Akira Lane and Tylene Buck will do anything to take out the other. The first fall finds Tylene succumbing to Akira’s sleeper and the Japanese juggernaut adds further humiliation by removing Tylene’s bikini top. Tylene comes back strong in the second fall, ripping off Akira’s top and pounding the Asian in the corner of the ring. The final fall finds these two firebrands fighting naked and their raw skin battered and bruised until a head scissors settles the matter irrefutably.

Match 2JC Marie and Monica Foster, each proud of her tits and ass, find themselves competing for the same modeling job, so you know things are going to get heated. In the parlor, they butt butt-cheeks and expose their bodacious booties to stinging spanks. JC’s pale cheeks redden with each slap of Monica’s tongue-moistened hand. Stripped naked, these vixens continue their contest of pain by attacking each other’s round breasts and vulnerable groins. One girl concedes defeat, but, for the voyeurs among you, there really is no loser.

Match 3 -A bikini ring match between Lisa Comshaw and Melissa Jacobs quickly devolves into a crotch grabbing, panty-yanking free-for-all that soon has a quivering Lisa surrendering to Melissa’s assaults, ending the first fall. Lisa fares little better in the second fall as Melissa claws her way to another victory, stripping Lisa naked in the process. Lisa’s a hapless victim for the rest of the match as her snatch and tits are abused and her face smothered. Lying unconscious with her own panties in her mouth, Lisa is one pathetic loser indeed.


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