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Match 1Akira Lane and Paris Kennedy look absolutely adorable in their pink bikini bottoms and white sneakers as they prepare for their anything-goes ring catfight—last woman standing wins. Each giddy gamine bounces into the ring, seemingly ready to have fun. When they grab for each other’s bare breasts, the giggles soon give way to grunts and groans. Crushing each other in a chest-to-chest bearhug forces both babes to own up to the fact that this is friendly contest is going to get serious. A test of strength mutates into a crashing of chest against chest. Akira then really starts punishing Paris’ big tits, mauling her tattooed opponent’s nipples viciously. Escaping from a breast smother, Paris starts doling some payback on Akira, and soon both lethal lovelies try to soothe the sting of their respective mauled mammaries. The breast assaults continue again, with bodacious boobs crushed against the ring ropes, clawed, used as battering rams, punching bags and chew toys. A neck scissors, coupled with even more nipple torture, finally brings an end to one pretty lady’s struggles for the day.

Match 2 -It’s a war of nubile newbies as Emily Addison is pitted against Prinzzess inside the DT ring. These slim sirens become a mass of flailing arms and legs in no time at all, their wrestling inexperience overshadowed by each of their desire to win. Using their long legs as weapons, Emily and Prinzzess try to crush the air out of one another whenever the opportunities arise. Emily tries to pull off Prinzzess’ top but finds herself face down under Prinzzess’ body press. Prinzzess then manages what Emily could not and uses Emily’s own bikini top as a garrote against Emily’s slim neck. Writhing and tumbling around the ring, Emily is not faring well, but finally comes back to life once both combatants return to their feet. The advantage surges back and forth as appendages are twisted, bodies squashed, abs kneed and windpipes crushed. A sitting surfboard forces a surrender from the lips of one agonized catfighter, beaten—but, as her parting words attest— not bowed.

Match 3 -Mighty mite Miko, wearing a bikini and her new wrestling boots, faces newcomer Sunset, who opts to fight barefoot. These lithe ladies immediately become a tangle of limbs as they scatter themselves all over the ring. Sunset escapes Miko’s waist scissors with relative ease, but her attempt to keep Miko pressed down is just as short-lived. The tops are torn away and Miko tries to choke Sunset with hers. Knowing that modesty has no place in the ring, neither girl is slowed down by being topless. In fact, like all DT fighters, they seem energized by it. Miko and Sunset each take their share of falls, scissors, chokes, pins, presses, blows, kicks and all manner of unscientific, but all-so-effective maneuvers. When one waist scissors leads to a neck scissors, the end is finally near for one tough, but ultimately broken, combatant.


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