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Time/Size: 18 min/393 MB

Alluring Asian Akira Lane and tantalizing temptress Tylene Buck are almost totally naked (the only thing they’re wearing are sexy high-heel boots) as they face each other in the indoor DT ring. These glorious gladiators meet in center ring and their fingers entwine in a lengthy test of strength, peppered with vitriolic vows of destruction spewing through gritted teeth and lacquered lips. Even on their knees with their round breasts pressing against each other, neither she-devil will surrender to the other. When, finally, Akira goes down, the Japanese fighter quickly traps her blonde foe in a waist scissors-choke combination that has Tylene flailing and gasping. Tylene reciprocates in kind and the tide of battle goes in and out for both evenly-matched beauties. Ring ropes are used to crush the windpipe of one struggling girl, then the other. Standing head scissors rattle the noggins, long legs squeeze hard on bruised ribs and more tests of strength strain the endurance of powerful arms as this titanic tussle finally concludes with a choke out that leaves one doll’s body struggling to accept what her mind already knows—that she’s done.


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