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Time/Size: 18 min/386 MB

Cali Logan and Charlie Laine may be wearing professional wrestling boots and suits, but you can be sure that things won’t stay very scientific for long as these renowned catfighters meet in the squared circle. They lock fingers for a test of strength that sends Charlie to the canvas. Cali doesn’t get a chance to capitalize on her advantage as Charlie kicks her away and plants her boot into Cali’s crotch as Charlie yanks at her enemy’s legs. Cali comes back with a toehold, and both little darlings mortify each other with wedgies. Cali belly punches the cornered Charlie. Charlie uses her knees to return the favor to a trapped Cali. Bodies are thrown across the ring and heads are crushed between powerful thighs. Even as the tops are pulled down, these bare-chested grapplers don’t let up. It’s almost impossible to predict a victor as the tide of battle switches from one girl to the other throughout most of the match. Both fighters are noticeably exhausted but one of them is still strong enough to administer a sleeper hold that ends this wild brawl.


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