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Time/Size: 21 min/443 MB

Company exec Cali Logan tries to dismiss temp Emily Addison, but the blonde part-timer refuses to leave. In fact, Emily has her evil eye set on getting Cali’s job, particularly after having slept with Cali’s boss Cindy Pucci. Cali pounces on the scheming bitch, straddling the ambitious usurper on the couch and revealing that panties are not a required part of the company dress code. Emily tosses Cali in the carpet and punches the brunette in the face and breasts. Cali manages to extricate herself from Emily’s straddle by snaking her hosed legs around the blonde’s slim waist. After much clawing, squeezing and punching are exchanged between the two rivals, boss Cindy arrives and confirms that she’s hired Emily to replace Cali, sending the betrayed Cali into a rage against her former boss. Now it is Cindy who is straddled on the couch as Cali’s fists pound away at her face, breasts and stomach. The boss gets back at her fired employee with a tight head scissors accompanied by some hard body blows. Emily joins in on the action as Cali is battered, stripped and humiliated, a savagely served severance package that the ex-exec will likely never forget. NOTE: EMILY WEARS SHEER PANTYHOSE, SO FRONTAL AREA IS EXPOSED.


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