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Time/Size: 16 min/356 MB

When a new villainess takes down the entire police squad, there’s only one superheroine that can stop her: Garter-Girl (Cali Logan)! The heroine locates Dark Widow (Tylene Buck) in the home of a noted scientist and orders the bad girl to surrender. Dark Widow has no intention of giving up, in fact she was hoping Garter-Girl would show up so that the blonde bad girl can kick some do-gooder ass. Dark Widow has the speed and strength of a spider and proceeds to batter Garter-Girl with hard blows to the heroine’s face and belly. However, Garter-Girl didn’t get her champion reputation by being a punching bag and she starts delivering some nuclear destruction of her own. Dark Widow starts getting the worst of the battle as Garter-Girl smells victory—but perhaps a bit too soon. Some hard-knuckled punches to her crotch knocks the momentum out of the Lady in Lace and Dark Widow capitalizes on her new advantage. Things get even worse when Dark Widow pulls down Garter-Girl’s bra and digs her claws into the heroine’s bared breasts, unleashing a neurotoxin that may turn the once-unbeatable champion of justice into a lingerie loser.


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