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Match 1 Jamie Lynn and Ashley Grace don the leather gloves for a few rounds of foxy boxing. Both wear regulation gloves, shorts, mouth guard and sports bras as they meet in the middle of the squared circle. Exchanging hard jabs to the head, the fighters seem pretty evenly matched at the outset, but Jamie soon has Ashley cornered, battering away at her opponent’s exposed abs. After desperately clinching on to Jamie to slow her down, Ashley regains her senses and manages to trap Jamie in the corner to dole out some body-bruising payback. Alexis rains down a torrent of blows to Jamie’s head and belly, rattling her lithesome opponent. Jamie just barely manages to clutch on to Ashley when the clanging bell ends the first round. The second round finds both fighters even more determined to take the other down and the hits to the head and body hammer away in rapid succession. Ashley is finally dropped and her mouth guard dribbles out. She barely beats the ten count, but, after replacing her mouth piece, she continues the fight, coming on strong enough to knock Jamie down. The second round ends with both fighters dazed, but standing and ready to go at it again until a knockout finally puts one knockout’s lights out for good.

Match 2Nicole Oring is a bit apprehensive about facing the ominous Sandy White in a boxing match, but Frankie Zappitelli assures her that she can beat Sandy. Sandy may be strong, but her she’s used to winning fast. If Nicole can just last long enough in the ring against the Queen of Mean, the big blonde will eventually tire out—and then Nicole can take her down. It’s an interesting theory, and one that Nicole tries to follow in the ring as she faces Sandy a few days later. Now, all that Nicole needs to do is survive Sandy’s brutal onslaught. The Asian beauty is staggered repeatedly by the devastating blows of the vicious topless blonde. Leather connects with flesh and bone at an alarming rate as Nicole struggles again and again to outlast the pugilistic powerhouse. Finally, Sandy’s blows start to lose some of their thunder and Nicole senses the opening she’s been waiting for. Nicole starts cutting into Sandy like a buzz saw, totally demolishing the big bad blonde. Nicole then removes the boxing gloves and further destroys Sandy with one torturous wrestling hold after another. As Sandy feels herself weakening under Nicole’s sleeper, she calls out her surrender. Nicole releases Sandy—but this match isn’t over, not by a long shot. When Frankie enters the ring with her own pair of boxing gloves and some rope, it’s a sure bet that Sandy’s torment is only just beginning.

Match 3 – Alluring Akira Lane is confident that she can bring down the stunning JC Marie and will have her chance to prove it in this topless boxing match. The stakes are high, however, because the loser of the match will have to be tied up to the ring post to be used as a punching bag for the sadistic victor. Akira starts off strong and JC is the first to land hard on the canvas. Akira capitalizes on her advantage as she pelts JC’s face and belly with lethal lobs of leather even as the golden-haired goddess is trapped in the corner of the ring. Akira lets her cockiness get the better of her and she allows JC to get in a punch to the jaw that sends the exotic beauty reeling. JC gives Akira a nasty beat down of her own, but the bodacious blonde manages to turn the tables again. Akira is knocked down again and just barely avoids being counted out. Akira bounces back and the tide of battle shifts a couple times more, but eventually, Akira’s stamina cannot keep uo with her drive and the dark haired Asian hits the mat over and over again, her body racked with pain from blow after relentless blow. Finally, the end comes for the stalwart, but hopelessly outclassed Akira and she falls one last time, unable to rise again. Akira has lost the match—but JC’s bloodlust is far from satisfied. When Akira finally opens her eyes, she finds herself tied to ring ropes with JC strutting in front of her with murder in her eyes.


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