Match 1 – This video features two of Double Trouble’s youngest, most beautiful, and feistiest fighters. Cali Logan and Miko Sinz square off for a best-of-five-pins match that is no easy pickin’s. Both girls want to win terribly, which makes for a great match for us. Their youthful insults and exchanges add fire to an already heated match. Watch as each girl struggles violently to pin the other to the mat in a fierce catfight. These girls may be young and slim, but they are loaded with energy and will do whatever they have to do to win. These bikini girls go at it like no others!

Match 2Nicole Oring is dressed to the nines in black stockings, skirt, top and heels, as she preps for her interview with the famous DT videographer Mark, who has been behind the DT camera since before the dawn of time. Standing in the ring and awaiting Mark’s arrival, Nicole is confronted by a bikini clad Francesca Lé. A vicious fight quickly breaks out. The only thing more abusive than the fighting is the invective smack talk thrown back and forth. Nicole loses everything but the hose and looks damn good for the loss. By the end of the match a bloodied loser is forced to begrudgingly call the winner her “champion”, and kiss the victor’s feet and legs. This is a passionate match with a humiliating ending for one poor loser.

Match 3 -School bully Alyssa has beaten Hollywood two times in a row, and Hollywood is not about to let it happen a third. She has been practicing and training long and hard, day and night, and she is ready to exact her revenge on Alyssa—and that is exactly what happens. Hollywood beats down Alyssa thoroughly. Alyssa is choked out multiple times, only to be roused from her slumber and worked over some more. The beautiful bikini-bearing babes look super hot all tangled up in each other This is a one-sided beatdown match of epic proportion!


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