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Match 1 -Let the cafe au lait bodies collide, yes two of our dark skinned bodies are ready to rumble. Francesca has been working out, her biceps pop when she flexes. Santana takes notice but it just makes her all the more determined, soon she is knotted around her victim, arms around neck and legs around waist – she constricts both. Fran’s in too good a shape to go out this early and is soon on her victim with her luscious breasts in her face and this too is soon reversed and a set of brown breast are in Fran’s face. Soon they are in a double choke neither willing to give, this sets the tone for the whole match as these warriors continue to destroy each other till only in the very end does one get a slight edge and uses it for the final annihilation. Two of the best — make it great!

Match 2 – The gorgeous Emily is being interviewed, she says how she is going to beat up some DT women. Carolyn hears this and after a heated conversation challenges her to a match. Once in the ring they both take off their short skirts and high heels but leave on their black nylons and bras. They decide on a multi fall match and are soon at it with a test of strength. The hot blond is soon getting the worst of the battle and ends up on the wrong end of a tortuous grapevine – the voluptuous Emily has prevailed and the first round is hers. As the second round starts Carolyn surprises her foe with a low blow, then a sustained rope choke and kicks to the face have the poor beauty down for the count. The next round starts with both beauties trading blows in the center of the ring — then one takes over and the carnage ensues – battered and bloody one is choked into humiliation!

Match 3 -“She’s just another blond” says Akira as she warms up, words so far from the truth – Tanya is not just another blond, she’s THE blond and ready to prove it. The bronze brunette and the milky blond start with a sustained test of strength, their muscles strain and flex as they try to best their opponent, it’s a glorious site. You can tell these are two veterans, no frenetic action here, saving all their energy for the prolonged holds, so they can inflict more punishment. This is most evident when Tanya while sitting, puts her feet in Akira’s back and pulls her arms behind her, harder and harder she pulls those sleek brown arms. Then when Akira has Tanya in a neck scissors and the blond rolls over and simultaneously throws on a body scissors, they each have a hold and won’t let go – two sleek feminine snakes sucking the air out of each other. Add many more holds like these, some gut and face blows, and you have one fabulous match!


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