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Match 1Emily Addison and Danielle Trixie work in an office together and constantly argue over who is hotter. Today the argument comes to a head over who owns the boys at work. Quickly these two working girls strip their formal attire and manners. The frantic struggle leads to some intense breast mauling, and boy do these girls have tits worthy of being mauled. There are multiple different types of scissor holds utilized in this match, which really accentuate the girl’s legs and butts. Danielle pushes Emily against the wall and rubs her body against Emily’s until Emily can’t take the pleasure anymore and begs to be let go. Danielle only relents on one condition, Emily must worship and kiss her gorgeous legs.

Match 2 – In this fun fantasy video Paris Kennedy plays a superheroine who is infiltrating a famous magic academy in order to bring down the school’s evil head mistress. However, Paris must first get through two powerful magic students played by Emily Addison and JC Marie. The match begins with JC and Emily sparring, after watching the girls beat the snot out of each other, Paris decides to intervene. JC and Emily decide to team up on the little goody two shoes. After a cruel beating JC decides to teach Paris a little bit about magic, but will Paris be able to learn enough to make it through these two evil witches, and proceed to battle the headmistress? This awesome video features lots of body blows and sexy humiliations

Match 3 -This video is a rare treat! In this far-out fantasy Miko Sinz and Cali Logan are filming a catfight scene, but when the filming is done the two girls start a real argument and actually break into a badass girl fight. Luckily the cameraman was absentminded enough to forget to turn the camera off when he set it down. This incredible once in a lifetime footage plays like a real behind the scenes catfight between two of DT’s hottest and youngest fighters. You’ll get to see the crew breaking down the set when the fight starts, and trying to break up the fight to no avail. The girls get so into the fight that they almost trample one of the DT Mascots, Hank the Pitbull puppy. There is a good chance that we will never catch footage like this again.


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