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Match 1 -These two cuties came into DT as friends, but they will leave as cold-blooded enemies. Alyssa Reese is a tall and slender DT veteran and today she brought in one of her very best friends, Jessica. These girls thought that they would just jump in the ring and roll around for a bit while giggling, but that is not how it works here at DT. Once the girls stepped on the mat they dropped any notions of friendship and went for the jugular. This video is filled with choking, and it is a real treat to watch Jessica’s big Asian titties bounce in convulsive fits. Watch as this beautiful friendship is gloriously destroyed.

Match 2Sinn Sage and Ashley Grace are some smokin’ hot brunettes. In this match they will smash and squeeze the very life out of one another. Watch in absolute glee as these two brawling beauties cough in wheezing agony. This catfight can only end in a pin. The sight of their soft skin rubbing against each other as one tries to hold the other one to the mat is incredibly erotic. This match is worth every penny. You are gonna’ love Sinn’s perfect ass popped up in the air as she pushes all of her weight down on Ashley’s perky tits!

Match 3Capri Cavalli is practicing to one day be a DT wrestler, and this is her last day of class. However, Capri’s trainer doesn’t show up, instead the infamous Goldie Blair walks in. Goldie gets right in Capri’s face saying she want her and will have her. Capri tries to get away but its no use. Goldie does whatever she wants with Capri’s perfect body. The poor youngling is stretched, fondled, handcuffed, and smothered until she passes out. The match moves to a couch where things get a little more sensual. Goldie ties Capri up with her arms above her head and continues to massage Capri’s helpless writhing body until she passes out. Enjoy, it’s lots and lots of fun!


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