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Match 1Max Mikita and Santana are setting up a rematch of their last fight. Santana beat Max in the last bout, but Max says that Santana fought dirty and cheated her way to a win. Max comes roaring out of the starting gate. She obliterates Santana with a feast of gut punches. Santana is knocked down over and over again by Max’s stomach blows, each time getting up to become a target for more. Max finishes off Santana and with some wrestling holds and then goes on a tirade about how pitiful DT fighters are. She is quickly silenced however, by Sandy White, who challenges Max in order to protect the honor of her fallen comrade and her DT sisters. Can Sandy put the young Max in her place? The reputation of Double Trouble itself rests upon her doing so.

Match 2Alyssa Reese and Celeste Star may be two of DT’s lightest and slightest of frame, but today they are facing off in one of DT’s best MMA style matches. The hits are bone crushing and the tone is rather vicious. At one point Celeste is down on all fours when Alyssa gets a running start to drop kick Celeste in the face. Leg locks and leg chokes are favorites of both girls. Every hold is tight and powerful, accentuating each girl’s will to win. These two warriors knee, stomp, and punch each other to no end. This match is truly remarkable and is sure to leave your jaw on the floor.

Match 3Capri Cavanni and Taylor Vixen are strip boxing each other today. They start off the match in full muay thai dress. Every time one of the girls is knocked down, that girl has to remove an article of clothing. This makes for a very kinky and competitive match. The punches go flying as soon as the bell rings. The big and beautiful breasts in this match bounce and wiggle with even the smallest thrown punch or glancing body shot. So get ready for some gorgeous young women to strip down to their thongs and punch each others’ lights out all for the glory of being a Double Trouble champion.


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