Match 1 -The word threesome doesn’t do this match justice! Motay ( Karen Fisher), the champion wrestler, is having an affair with Francesca Le, the intercontinental champion with big strong hands and a fiery temper that forces explosive orgasms out of Motay. However, Francesca’s erotic and aggressive punishment frightens Motay as much as it turns her on, forcing Motay to hire DT up-and-comer Miko Sinz to take Francesca down, in return giving herself to Miko as a slutty sex slave. But when Francesca learns of Motay’s plan, fiery Francesca attempts to get even with blows to the gut, brutal breast smothers, and a strangling head-scissors. However when hungry-for-victory young Miko arrives, she teaches the two feuding champions a thing or two about erotic punishment in this fantastic, full-nude, three girl match!

Match 2 – In this aggressive outdoor re-match, brunette beauties Lisa Comshaw and Melanie wrestle it out again for DT dame domination! Having won the previous match, the young and confident Melanie talks up her guaranteed victory, while past loser Lisa is ready to set the record straight and get her revenge victory. The experienced Lisa starts the match strong with a number of dominating head scissors, breast smothers and face sits. But younger Melanie returns with some face sits and smothers of her own! Complete with plenty of tits and trash talk, this four-fall match is a must see showdown between agility and experience!

Match 3 -It’s brunette versus blonde in this big breasted battle between Christina Carter and Tanya Danielle! Pre-fight interviews set the sexy tone, as Tanya talks trash and admits to having plenty of dirty tricks up her sleeve, while Christina excitedly predicts smothering her opponents face in her crotch. Ruthless, back-and-forth breast grabbing starts off the match, and boy do these girls have some breasts to grab! Once the tops are ripped from their delightful double D’s, these girls get into some seriously sexy, out-of-the-ring wrestling. Perfectly executed body-scissors, choke holds, and breast smothers couldn’t be more enjoyable to watch on these fully nude DT favorites! Be sure not to miss these badass babes in this awesome, apartment-setting, must-see match!


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