THE DAME’S A-FOOT Part 2 of 2


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Time/Size: 17 min/364 MB

This extra-length match has been divided into two parts for easier downloading and playback. Both parts are available for the special price of $14.95 each.

A masked Anastasia Pierce is searching for something when the sleek Melissa Jacobs comes in and is jumped by the mean masked one who proceeds to beat her till she is unconscious, then proceeds to strip her of all but her bra and panties – then to her feet she goes and worship she does, even to the point of rubbing them on her breasts. Soon another comes , it’s the bronze beauty Akira lane, she too is destroyed, stripped and her feet too are worshiped by a masked Anastasia, long and sensuous she caresses, strokes and kisses those dainty tootsies and eventually takes her leave where upon we see Melissa waking up in the corner. Revenge is in order and when the girls find the mean one coming out of the bathroom, it’s score settling time, a double team beat down, then they drag her to another room and continue the destruction until they’ve slugged and kicked her unconscious but the destruction isn’t over, now it’s time to return the foot favor, not foot worship but foot destruction – hitting, biting and every other type of torture they can think of for her beleaguered feet. You got to love feet for this one because it’s jam packed with tootsie love and tootsie torture!!!


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