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Time/Size: 19 min/416 MB

Diana Knight waits for her nemesis, Christina Carter – the evil Diana has destroyed many of Christina’s super allies and in doing so she has gained their strength. In her sexy super costume Christina enters the ring confident she can destroy this simple villain, soon she is on top and choking, she thinks the battle is over but Diana just slowly presses her hands away from her throat then presses them to the air – Christina knows something is amiss, she throws her usually devastating blows, with each hard blow Diana only laughs but Diana’s blows are no laughing matter, hard gut slugs have poor Christina in the corner. Sheer determination keeps Christina going, she battles back but to no avail, again the evil laugh is followed by more destructive blows, this time to the face and they put her down – down but not out as her power is great and she puts Diana in many great holds but Diana only seems amused as little by little she takes over, destruction is near, so close she can feel it – it’s here, she takes over and the pain follows. She revels in the annihilation, she laughs with each pain filled hold and blow — more and more, till there is no more!!!!


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