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Match 1 -D.T. GOES EUROPEAN – that’s right we now have an office in Budapest and can make use all that great Euro talent – there is lots of it. All three matches of 975 are the girls from across the pond, we will be featuring many more girls and they will all be available for custom matches. Our first one, showcases two gorgeous blonds; Bibi Noel and Brandy Smile – being from Budapest they are both very hungary for action. Bibi is cute as they come, with a coy shyness that disappears when she gets to rolling and Brandy is a beauty with a bit of good toughness in her. They have both done some wrestling but don’t know the finer points of holds, but this doesn’t stop them from getting down and dirty. Brandy eventually gets Bibi’s shiny pink suit off and then to our delight she struggles but gets the bottoms off – Bibi naked is a joy to behold but it also seems to free her, and soon she is on top and loving it. Bibi also returns the favor and displays Brandy’s gorgeous body when she rips her suit off — two blond naked warriors now roll hard, lots of great scissors and close pins- until we finally have a great school girl pin for a three count. And to get to know these fabulous ladies better there are interviews in the end – meet this great new talent! A whole new market, what a great way to start the new year!!!!!!!

Match 2 – You thought the fist Euro match was great wait till you see this one, wow – meet Lana, trained as a boxer she just loves to fight. She is going up against Brandy Smile from 975-01 and these two are about as even as they come, appropriate the matt on the ring says twins because once naked these two blonds look like twins. Yes twin blond fabulous bodies, thanks you Hungary, but Lana starts out in her skin tight pink shorts that show off her magnificent posterior, this girl knows what she’s doing, instantly she traps Brandy’s legs in assorted scissors, both girls use great scissors and constantly walk up in them using their strong legs to lift the other girl off the ground and giving us some of the sexiest positions possible. These two rolling nude are a huge treat as they struggle to wear each other out for that final pin. WOW – you will love these two – Euro blonds do it again!!!!

Match 3 -To finish our Euro trilogy we have another great nude battle, Lana and Bibi Noel both lost their first matches but are by no means losers, no these beautiful blonds have something to prove. Again we are graced with these fabulous young bodies, long blond hair flows over their sleek, smooth, skin as they wrap their strong shapely legs around waists, necks and legs. Again Lana is on the attack, she practically carries her foe around as Bibi’s legs hold tight. They end up in some wonderful positions, a double reverse scissors or where butt to butt Lana sits atop Bibi and so many more. One does eventually tap out but when a loser smiles like this one, she can never be a loser – no these girls are true winners in every way and we are happy to welcome them all to the D.T. family – we are the true winners — EUROPE HERE WE COME!!!!!


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