Match 1 -Punchwartz, that great magical school of destruction is back with us again, yes as in 949-02 and 958-02 we are back in that wonderful school where girls learn the art of hitting and magic. We open as Sinn Sage is teaching Emily Addison a lesson in total domination because of what she let happen last time. Blow after blow to the face, then hard to the gut as she holds Em’s hands high over her head, each slug rattles Emily’s tight abs, next she strips her down to her lacy black bottoms. Time to start the breast destruction, first with slapping then slugs till those bountiful orbs are red from the abuse. To the ground she now throws her and continues the domination doggy style, she thrusts her crotch hard into Emily’s inviting behind as Em is on all fours – all this and we are only eight minutes into this fabulous match. Now it’s to the ring where Emily sends Wonder Wench, (J.C. Marie), the sexiest message you have ever seen – in the invitation to the camera she shows her what she can do to her if she shows up, she hits her own breasts making them bounce to her own delight then her gut gets the same treatment – even better she strips and goes to her ass and slaps her naked butt and breasts and shows J.C. how she can take her from behind. How can J.C. resist – it turns into a fabulous match with Sinn as the ref who just can’t control her self, she has to join in – could anyone resist J.C.’s beautiful bountiful butt, they both want to take her from behind. Punchwartz does it again, a place where you always have one hell of a fabulous time, so come join us, you won’t be disappointed !!!!

Match 2 – Woman scorned, is a dangerous female – Christina Carter is such a woman and she wants to send a message to her ex by beating up his new young bride on camera. We open with Christina in a sexy little black dress, she talks to the camera telling of all the revenge she is about to get, the new bride enters, Melissa Jacobs looks fetching in her sexy red dress and she isn’t about to go down easy. The ropes between them, they stare daggers till one throws her hand under that pretty dress and grabs hold of that most vulnerable area, it’s a long and painful grip with great views leaving one straddling the middle rope where more destruction awaits her. the fight is on as each woman takes her turn driving the car of destruction, they drive it all over the body destroying as they go; breasts, gut, head but always they end back at that area of supreme vulnerability, the area that can give the most pleasure or pain – and alway they speak to the camera as HE will be watching this. In dresses and heels these beautiful women fight for their honor and their man – even as the victor leaves the fight isn’t over, not until one last……

Match 3 -The two big Ds, domination and destruction, that’s what’s in store as Capri Cavanni and Randy Moore make a deal in the dressing room about the upcoming fight – that deal is broken with a two by four to the head, the destruction begins. One of these young beauties now strips and batters her partner, breasts and ass take a beating, followed by chokes and humiliation as she rides her like a horse around the ring but when the tables turn the destruction gets even worse, because revenge always takes a step up. This revenge is especially sweet with breast smothers, gut slugs, ass smother and spanking and ultimate humiliation as the loser is collared and walked around the ring like her little pet, then tied in the corner for the final destruction. Just having these two fabulous bodies in the ring together is a super treat but when they put on a great show like this — well what more could we ask for — the two Ds by two of the best young beauties around, you’ll love it !!!!


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