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Time/Size: 30 min/448 MB

Miko Sinz is back and ready to rumble, or is she? She is worried, who is this Randy Moore and how tough is she? Miko looks to be in great shape but is a bit worried about her come back. Both ladies start out topless, Randy goes hard after Miko, but the bewitching brunette moves quickly and we realize she is as quick as ever, she goes low to Randy’s sexy legs and knocks her down, in a test of strength she pushes the lean blonde down and is soon on her with a devastating camel clutch. Harder and harder she pulls, stretching the blonde upwards pulling her pert nipples off the canvas – she implores Randy to give, higher, harder, higher – finally she submits. Not only does Randy lose the first fall but Miko now has a fire in her, so when she gets poor Randy’s arm bent behind her back in the next fall she won’t let go, not until she slams that beautiful blonde head into each turnbuckle and forces another submission – and get ready for the real humiliation, she makes Randy go to a scoreboard and log in the defeats. This is just the beginning of many defeats as Miko applies; arm bars, surf boards, test of strengths, nipple destruction, figure four head scissors, school girl pin and choke and many more. Each time Randy submits she has to take that long walk to the score board and log her humiliation. Marvelous Miko is back and wants everyone to know it !!!!!


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