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That bratty little school girl is back, yes, Alyssa Reese is looking for a fight, and who is this looking to give it to her, non other than the fabulous Tanya Danielle. Yes, we have dug this one out from back when the sexy blonde was still wrestling, so glad we found it as these two put on one hell of a show. Tanya dressed all in red, even her wrestling boots are blood colored, appropriately so as she is out for blood. The trash talking is at it’s highest level as these two dress each other down and head toward their big fight, hands locked in a test of strength and mouths still spitting insults our sexy school girl takes a hard kick in the crotch, and soon finds her pretty face bing squished between two big breasts. Oh does Tanya enjoy slapping around this bratty girl in her sexy little school girl skirt that rises to show off the brunette’s perfect ass. They both take turns beating and getting beat, and the mouths just keep on insulting, verbal beatings while in face-sits, scissors, and even a degrading pony ride. Not until one of these beauties is out so cold she no longer speaks, not until she can’t move, yes only one of these trash talkers is walking out of this ring !!!!


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