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Match 1Goldie Blair and Kianna Dior are walking around the DT ring, strutting their stuff, when they bump into each other. Neither one is willing to move out of the other’s way. So the first thing these confident ladies do is grab each other’s big tits and get violent with them. They don’t speak, they let their vicious hands, fingers, and nails do all of the talking. The moans are piercing as their huge fleshy boob pillows are squeezed and pinched. The great thing about this video is that it has multiple boob fights between Kianna and Goldie. Each mini fight is in a different area and in different wardrobe. You are bound to find something you like in this match

Match 2 -Hot blondes in sexy business attire is a turn on for just about anyone. Randy Moore and Niki Lee definitely meet that description in this match. They immediately get in each other’s face and attack their opponent’s breasts with vigor and stamina. Their panty hosed legs writhe and quiver as bolts of pain pop and run through their exposed breasts. These smokin’ hot blondes look glorious with their skirts hiked up and their bras pulled down. They seem like real white collar ladies getting down and dirty with each other. Quite the fantasy come to reality, this fight is sure not to disappoint.

Match 3Ivy Sloan is wearing a red bikini and stretching in the corner when Alyssa Reese, who is dressed like a catholic school girl, bum rushes Ivy. The sweet and adorable Ivy is nothing more than a play thing for sadistic Alyssa. Alyssa tortures and torments a helpless Ivy for the entirety of the match. Ivy does her best to get away from the endless punishment that Alyssa has in store for her, but all of her attempts are futile. Ivy is squeezed in body scissors, choked in sleeper holds, and stretched in grape vines. So if you want to watch this sweet young girl get annihilated by a “sweet looking” young girl then this match is for you.


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