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Time/Size: 26 min/536 MB

Capri Cavanni comes home to a messed up house and decides to throw the culprit out, but Akira Lane has other ideas – the claws are out and we have a cat fight, oh do we have a cat fight. This is for who rules the house and both these babes plan on staying, Akira is the first to attack as she takes Capri down with a surprise tackle and once on the ground she starts taking off Capri’s clothes but the blonde is having none of this and quickly turns the tables, now she is stripping Akira and then destroying her with some scissors. Our beautiful Asian soon lets loose her mean side and now she has the sexy one tied to a table so she can have her way with her, Capri never looked so sexy as when Akira mounts her to please herself, then takes her bikini bottoms off and stuffs them in her mouth as she face sits her. Having Capri nude Akira really goes after her sexy body, even takes off all her own clothes so she can truly enjoy herself, then takes it even a step farther with some humiliation. Capri, naked, destroyed and giving pleasure — gotta love it !!!!


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