Match 1Hollywood has found some naughty pictures of Randy Moore and her boyfriend. Randy is terrified that they might find their way to the Internet. She tells Hollywood that she will do anything to get the pictures back. Hollywood informs Randy that in order for her to get the pictures back she will have to endure a savage beating from Hollywood without fighting back. Is this fair? No. Is it sportsmanlike? Hell no. Is it even legal? Definitely not, but it’s damn sexy! Hollywood works over the entirety of Randy’s perfect body with the fervor of a lunatic and the precision of a surgeon. Will Randy be able to withstand such a ghastly beating? There’s only one way to find out.

Match 2Kianna Dior is stacked like a game of Jenga. She can hardly wrestle for a minute before her engorged nipples pop out of her top. The frail Odette Delacroix is no match for such a buxom fighter. Odette is thrown from one end of the ring to the other. As if her beating wasn’t bad enough, the cannon ball breasted Goldie Blair arrives looking to fight Odette. Kianna and Goldie join forces and unleash a torture and humiliation session that would rival the Marquis de Sade. The curvy perpetrators contort and twist their bodies in unique and creative ways with poor little Odette’s tiny frame and head caught between them. Odette’s blonde head is smothered until she is completely unconscious.

Match 3Capri Cavanni is a naive young hottie lounging on her couch on a lazy afternoon. She has recently stumbled upon a very old book of legends. One particularly terrifying legend has piqued her youthful interest. The legend tells of Christina Carter, an evil witch who lives off the energy of beautiful young women. Christina uses her feet and breasts to absorb the energy and then smothers the empty vessels. Capri foolishly attempts to summon the witch. Surprisingly, her feeble attempt works and the demonic Christina appears with a ravenous hunger for fresh souls. Capri is manhandled as her life force is slowly drained from her via sensual feet-to-breast massages. This living nightmare comes to an end for Capri with a slow choke out and an even slower kiss on the lips.


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